Product History丨 No squat, no heavy punches!

Issuing time:2020-04-03 10:58

ans Product Blog 丨 No squat, no heavy punches!

Heavy punches are like hammers.

Hitting a heavy punch of a direct KO opponent is undoubtedly the most exciting moment on the ring!

However, if you do not perform effective strength training, but just hit heavy sandbags blindly, you will never be a heavy gunner.


The purpose of the core strength exercise is to increase the absolute strength, and then the heavy punch strength. All strength is transmitted from the waist, and for the crotch, squat training is undoubtedly the top priority! Tyson once said that "squats can greatly increase the strength of heavy punches and enhance the ability of continuous punches, which will help all abilities in offense."


Mike Tyson

When I first started boxing training, Kus Damato asked us to do squat training three times a week. At first I didn't know why to do this, just practice as required. However, I really took the squat as an important part of the training. After I played against James Smith, I really wanted to knock him down, but only won by points.


There may be many reasons for this, but I think the most important one is that before that I ignored squat training. On the ring, I threw my punches as usual, but I could n’t find the feeling of firing a cannonball .

Immediately after the game, I resumed squat training, four times a week, 20 groups each time. It feels a lot like squatting and standing up. When I knocked down Spinks, Ruddock, and Bruno, I felt my smooth and violent force in all my knockout opponents. Without heavy squat training, I would feel weak.


In addition to boxing champion Tyson, boxing champions such as Lewis, Joe Louis, John Sullivan, Vitali Klitschko also advocate improving core strength through squat training.

But the seemingly simple squat exercise is not easy to learn. If there is no standardized training method and professional squat equipment, a bigger problem may occur.

▲ On October 26, Shanghai team center Zhang Zhaoxu suffered a sudden injury and fell to the ground while participating in a bodybuilding weightlifting squat test. He was later diagnosed with a relapse of an old waist injury.

From the video, we can see that Zhang Zhaoxu was obviously too fast when doing weight-bearing squats and did not fully squat down. What is more problematic is that Zhang Zhaoxu was wearing a pair of basketball shoes doing squats!


Anyone who has practiced squats knows that when doing squats, support and stability are important. A pair of professional squat shoes can give you sufficient support and stimulate core strength in squat training. Therefore, a pair of squat shoes is necessary for squat training.

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